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Plan early when booking your trip. This will allow you to the best promotions available and will save you money as well. A good rule of thumb is 4-12 months prior to your travel dates will get you the best prices. Hire a travel expert. As a Maui travel agent we are made aware of travel specials to Hawaii before they are made public. With our local contacts at the properties and insider information we have saved our clients hundreds of dollars on their travel packages to the Hawaiian Islands!

When packing your luggage consider what you can live without and what you can’t! With the new baggage fees checking in a second piece of luggage could end up costing you an additional $50-100 round trip. If you do tend to over pack, or buy too much on your trip, then send yourself home a package! With the flat rate priority mail package you can send up to 20 pounds for as little as $10.70 to anywhere in the United States. Get to the airport on time. Most airlines suggest up to 2 hours prior to flight time. When traveling make sure and bring small bills to tip the porters, skycaps, and bellman. You don’t want to be searching for change when the time comes to tip. Don’t leave your valuables in the trunk or under the seat of the car. Especially when renting a convertible or jeep.

When checking in to the hotel or resort please is patient if your room isn’t ready until check in time. Check in time is normally 3 pm or later. Check out time is generally noon. This allows the cleaning crew time to service your room. When traveling during busy times please don’t expect an early check in or late check out. If you have a redeye flight home consider booking an additional night on the hotel if you want to check out later than noon. Stay away from the in room minibar! Even better don’t take the key when you check in. Some hotels will actually charge you if you even move an item. I learned this one firsthand!

Erbil Travel to See The Top 5 Attractions

The Hawler Tribune, an e-newspaper in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, has given Erbil the status of ‘the next Dubai’, in a news story published. Although Erbil may still be very far from what Dubai has achieved, hopes are high that it will attain the position one day. There is already a great focus on tourism in the city, given the archeological, historical and geographical richness of this place. So, if you want to explore this ‘next Dubai’, consider booking online flights to Erbil as soon as possible.

Flights to Erbil: Places to visit in Erbil

An essential step, along with booking flights to Arbil, is to plan your itinerary, so that your Erbil travel agent can find you the most suitable accommodation as well. Here is a list of the list of top tourist attractions in Erbil to help you plan your trip:

1. Qaysari Bazaar: This is one of the best known landmarks and shopping centers of Erbila. If you are looking for souvenirs that with historical and cultural significance, you will find a wealth of antique stuff related to Kurdish culture.

2. Sheraton Plaza: This is a wedding venue, located near Sheraton Hotel. It is fully equipped with all modern day facilities and offers a very cordial environment to its guests.

3. Martyr Sami Abdul-Rahman Park: This is the biggest and most popular park in Kurdistan, featuring a huge lush, green space. With so many cafeterias, fresh green pastures, crystal clear water pools and other leisure pursuits, this amazing place holds the potential to rejuvenate your senses.

4. Gali Ali Beg: Located at a two-hour drive from the outskirts of Arbil, Gali Ali Beg is a must-see. Its stunning waterfalls, large camping grounds and scenic beauty attract numerous visitors throughout the year.

5. Minara: This is an ancient archaeological landmark. Almost 400 years old, this place is the perfect manifestation of the great art and architecture of that time.

As you explore the city, you will find numerous other amazing sights that will compel you to spend some more days at this beautiful place. So, plan your trip well in advance and make early bookings of flights to Erbil travel in order to avoid any last minute disappointments.

The rich history of Erbil attracts many travelers to Erbil year round. However, due to its location being in Iraq, Erbil Travel has become an issue for international travelers who want to visit it for its rich history. Here is a brief outline.

The Evolution of Booking Your Travel

We all remember the days when we needed to book a flight or hotel we would have to march into the bricks and mortar type travel agency to communicate our travel requirements or dream vacation and have the travel agents provide their recommendations along with options and pricing. This used to work out fine with the airline or hotel paying commissions to the travel agent (although some might suggest this was a conflict of interest when the agent entices you to take a flight or stay at the hotel where commission rates are higher). However, over the past 18 years, these commissions have been shifted onto the consumer – so you will pay more using the traditional bricks and mortar travel agency.

Then came along the ability to book directly on hotel and airline sites, these proprietary sites were built for one purpose only – to entice you to book directly with them without comparing any other options – assuring you the lowest rates. I would be stating the obvious to say these sites aren’t going to show the price of another comparable carrier or hotel offering the same flight/hotel for 20% – 80% less – that certainly wouldn’t be a good business model for them. Now, you can search through the hundreds of sites out there yourself to compare options – but the information overload and hours you would have to spend doing this make it not a viable option for everyone.

Today – we have options which put the choices available back into our hands. The most popular and sensible way to book your online travel is to use a search aggregator site. These sites essentially data mine the hundreds of websites out on the web and consolidate all the results into an independent and unbiased display for you to choose. Along with displaying prices and options, these sites also offer ratings based on user reviews and direct links to those reviews so you can read what other travellers have experienced. Now, having said how great search aggregator sites are, you need to realize that they are not all built equal or have the same business model.

Some of these sites only search the many carrier and hotel sites to provide you with a price comparison; while others search the carrier, hotel AND the other aggregator sites to truly provide you with the best prices and options – these are the sites that are recommended. Now, the question you may have is how do I know what sites a search aggregator is providing me results for – look around their site and see if they tell you what they are searching. If not, the results from a search should display the source – if it shows results for some of the other aggregator sites out there – then you’ll know that you are truly getting an unbiased display of all prices and options available.